talksick42 (talksick42) wrote in twin_one,

Musings of a newb

This comm is in desperate need of some updating. Unfortunately, I come bearing nothing except a desire to hear your opinion.

What's your take on JP as a villian? We all know (except Marvel writers, apparently) that he has some anger-managment issues, and it doesn't seem to take alot to convince him to kill people. Like, to the point where I've been wondering if he's actually against the idea of murder or just covering his ass when his teammates are in the room.

His excuses for hurting large numbers of people (normally without reason) aren't well- thought out, just well explained Mostly, he just says 'I didn't know', or 'it wasn't my fault' and then goes back to standing in the background.

So, my question is; do you think JP would make a better villian than a hero, or at least a better anti-hero?

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