fenny_tron (fenny_tron) wrote in twin_one,

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so cute

Hi, I am a northstar's fan, he is so cute, Im new in this site, Im mexican, and I have to learn better the spanish, I'm trying to get ucranny x men's comics and northstar picks and friends who are fans too
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Welcome to the group!

I wish I spoke Spanish.
thanks to the welcome (=.
Maybe I can learn better english with you and you can learn Spanish with me =D n.n
Hi, nice to meet you!
Hi, nice to meet you to n.n
Nice to meet you! I am ScottyQuick. We all like Northstar around here too :)
Nice to meet you too ScottyQuick! It's great to find a comunity like this, X men are so nice =). you can call me Fenny n.n
Thanks for the welcome, there is a cute comunity!