dee (deerane) wrote in twin_one,

Art: Northstar PG

Rating: PG
Characters and/or Pairing:Only Jean Paul.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Here's my take on Northstar:


(Click for bigger image)

Pencils + Photoshop CS

Hope you like it!

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Looks great! Love his hair! :)
Thank you!

I prefer the hair with white streaks. It's all black in the comics now, and the pointy ears don't show! (I miss them, too)

To be fair his hair is supposed to be all black, the white was just it being shiny.
Call it artistic license ;)
Oh your work is really great, amazing n.n, I hope that I can have more time to make my owm draws too n.n, I like so so much your draw, Is amazing, I like so much his eyes n.n, all of Northstar and the background n.n!!!!! congratulatios, cuntinue like today =), Only I have to say one thing more, Why did you dont add your draw to the Northstars gallery that I do in the last comment after your comment, It will be very great If we have there original draws and draws maked by northstar?s fans like you n.n =), we can make a really great gallery with all the fans of this community =)
Aw, thanks a lot, I'm very glad you liked it!

I'm going to check the gallery, sure!
Nice pics!
Thank you!