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You Can't Keep Up

A Northstar Fan Community

You Can't Keep Up ~ A Northstar Fan Community
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Oh my, Jean-Paul looks miffed
Welcome to The Northern Lights: A LiveJournal Community dedicated to Jean-Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. Northstar. Formally of the Canadian super-hero team, Alpha Flight, Northstar is currently one of the Uncanny X-Men.

In some ways he's like Marvel's other mutant speedster, Quicksilver - but with bonuses! Flight, light generation and the ability to go Mach 10! Jean-Paul is a mutant who doesn't suffer fools lightly, and is quite blunt about letting people who tick him off know about it. He's a skilled business man, owns stock in Warren Worthington's (a.k.a. Archangel) companies, a published author and former Olympic skiier. All in all... what's not to love about this guy!? Jean-Paul was one of the first openly gay mainstream comic characters (see Alpha Flight #106).

This community is open to anything Northstar-related, from fanfiction to comic discussion. Feel free to throw Jean-Paul into the Evo or Movieverses if you want! Personally, I'd love to see some Northstar/Quicksilver if anyone feels up to it!

Have fun, play nice and stay on-topic (JP or JP-related).